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Anthony Gemma Outlines Women’s Healthcare Position;:

States He Will Defend A Woman’s Right To Choose

Jul 5th


Woman’s health must be of the utmost concern for our members of Congress.  As an advocate for women’s health, I know how important this subject is.  Over and over again, we have seen the Republican leadership attack women’s health care.  They have voted again and again to reduce women’s access to preventative care.   We must fight back against this trend.

Over the last two years, Republican members of the House of Representatives, have tried to reduce the opportunity of women to make their own family planning choices.  Time and again the Republicans in Congress and across state legislatures have tried to take away a woman’s right to make her own health related choices.  Some bills would even force women into medically unnecessary ultrasounds.  These actions disturb me. 

This issue is something I personally wrestle with everyday.  But I know I must put my personal religious beliefs aside, and defend a women’s right to choose.  The actions of Republicans in Congress and state legislatures are horrifying.  I could never vote for an anti-choice bill. Women must be able to make this personal decision for themselves.  Throughout this campaign I have said repeatedly I will defend a women’s right to choose. 

As a lawyer I know I must separate the teachings of my faith from the laws of our country which affect women. 

This is an issue a woman must make for herself.  No member of Congress should make this choice for her. 

I vow to protect a woman’s right to choose.