Can you count cards in online blackjack games?

Online blackjack has become very popular these days and players are flooding all top online casino websites like to play virtual blackjack. Without a doubt, card counting is a very favorable strategy that players use to win hands. While physical casinos may not allow card counting, online games cannot pose such restrictions. Here is everything you have to know about counting cards during online blackjack games.

What is card counting?

Card counting is a very old and successful strategy where the player analyzes whether the next hand will give an advantage to him or to the dealer. When you play on reputed sites like, you will win or at least break even in the long run if you know the basics of blackjack and card counting. Here are some facts about card counting.

  • Card counting simply means keeping tally of the remaining cards with the dealer.
  • When played correctly, card counting can definitely improve your odds of winning.
  • Card counting is usually not allowed in many physical casinos.

Physical casinos do not let their players to count cards and deny service to players who they suspect are counting cards. Thankfully for online players, this is not something to worry about. Since you play online, there is no way the dealer or the casino management will know if or not you are counting cards. This is a definite advantage for online players.

Is it possible to count online blackjack cards?

There are two basic ways that online casinos offer blackjack games to its players.Virtual online blackjack games are conducted by machines that use random number generator to throw the next card. The deck of 52 virtual cards are shuffled after each hand. You can never count cards playing this virtual game as the random number generator follows no pattern and there is no logic in counting cards.

Many online casinos offer live blackjack games though. In these games, a real dealer sits in a remote location and conducts the game. This is very similar to a physical casino except that you are watching and playing the game virtually. These games can definitely be won better if you learn how to count cards as they are very similar to traditional in-house games.

How to beat online blackjack with card counting?

Card counting needs the right strategy and practice. The first thing to check before you decide to count cards during an online blackjack game is how stringent the rules of the game are. If the rules are too crammy, even if you count cards like a pro, you will not be able to win the game. Here are few other factors to check before counting cards.

  • Allow adequate deck penetration before you start counting cards.
  • Expect to play considerable hands before you start winning.

Deck penetration means that there are enough rounds dealt before the dealer shuffles the card. This makes card counting more precise and gives a better probability of dealing with the card right. You cannot win the very first time you count cards. You should be ready to play more hands and keep counting cards before you start breaking even and then gradually win.


Developing a winning strategy

The smart thing to do when you decide to count cards in an online blackjack session is to start playing at a table that has low limits for bets. This is a great tip to practice counting cards and to understand how long you will need before you can break even. This practice session will make you more confident when you place large bets.

Decide the pace of the game beforehand. In physical casinos, you will be compelled to make quick decisions because you face the dealer and other players. Online blackjacks are advantageous this way. You can slow down if you are new to counting cards and analyze the cards and the deck before you make your move. Here are a few other winning strategies when you count cards.

  • Move to higher betting tables only when you are ready.
  • Practice with free games to strengthen your counting skills.

Use counting cards with other basic blackjack strategies

The skill of counting cards is definitely a strength for all blackjack players. However, this alone is not enough. You will also need your basic blackjack playing strategies and blackjack cheat sheets in hand. Your winning will depend on how smartly you use the cheat sheet while you count cards. You can try different strategies in minimum-betting tables to get more confident with playing.

Counting cards can give you an edge among other players and if your strategy and your luck favor you, you can strike gold with this on online blackjack games. Be patient and keep playing until you understand the dealer's hand and then start winning big. Do check out the terms and conditions of the online casino page to understand how tolerable they are to card counting.