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Anthony Gemma Releases ‘Vision for the Future’;

Provides Written Plan and Video on Major Proposals

Sep 5th
Providence, RI – Anthony Gemma, Congressional candidate for Rhode Island’s 1st district, released his written plan entitled, “Vision for the Future,” along with a supplementary video. ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Establishes Toll-Free TIPS Hotline;

Goal is to Facilitate Community Involvement in Voter Fraud Investigation

Aug 23rd
In order to facilitate the outpouring of community support following my press conference yesterday regarding voter fraud TRP Associates and I have created a "tips hotline" 1-855-401-TIPS (8477) ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Responds to Mitt Romney's Choice of VP

Aug 11th
Mitt Romney’s selection of seven-term Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate amounts to a giant concession to the most conservative wing of the Republican Party. Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, has put forward a deficit reduction plan he calls the "Roadmap for America's Future." Under its terms, the top tax rates would be cut to 25 percent from 35 percent, all taxes on capital gains, interest, and stock dividends would be eliminated, Social Security would be privatized, and Medicare would be turned into a voucher. It is impossible to think of a more disastrous course to chart for America – a course that would take us backward in time, through the horrors of Bush II and Reaganomics, all the way to a pre-New Deal era that would harm the Middle Class and abandon the neediest members of our society, especially senior citizens. ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Visits RI Veterans Home;

Discusses Views on Jobs, Educational and Other Benefit Programs for Veterans

Aug 6th
Anthony Gemma, Democratic candidate for Congress from Rhode Island’s 1st District, spent Thursday afternoon speaking about veteran-related issues with residents and staff at the Rhode Island Veterans Home. ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Responds to Jobs Report;

Reminds the voters of the need for his Jobs Plan

Aug 3rd
This morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its jobs report. Their analysis shows that the United States created 163,000 jobs in the month of July. It is clear that under the watch of President Obama, America has started to see job growth. However, we must do better. ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Proposes Increased Protection for Senior Citizens;

Cites Needs for Greater Medicare Benefits and Elimination of Social Security Tax

Aug 2nd
Providence, RI – Anthony Gemma, Democratic candidate for Congress from Rhode Island’s 1st District, has proposed changes to Medicare and Social Security which far exceed any plans being offered by his political opponents. ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Praises Enhanced Health Care Benefits for Women

Aug 1st
Anthony Gemma, Democratic candidate for Congress from Rhode Island welcomed the implementation of the Women’s Health and Well-Being component of the recently enacted Affordable Care Act ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Responds to Aurora Shooting

Jul 20th
I am saddened and dismayed by the devastating shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of the twelve individual who lost their lives in this senseless act. ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Speaks at Rebirth Africa Conference:

Discusses the importance of Family, Community, and Education

Jul 18th
Anthony Gemma spoke today at the Rebirth Africa Press Conference, to articulate his message that emphasis on education is the key to Rhode Island’s future. In this context, Anthony invoked John F Kennedy’s famous phrase: “a rising tide lifts all boats.” ...Read More

Cumberland Democratic Town Committee Endorses Anthony Gemma for Congress

Jul 17th
Anthony Gemma is pleased to announce the endorsement by the Cumberland Democratic Town Committee, for his bid for Congress. “I am grateful to the Cumberland Democratic Town Committee for their endorsement,” said Mr. Gemma. “I shall continue to work hard to prove that I am the best candidate for the Rhode Island First Congressional District.” ...Read More

The Party of Brendan Doherty Votes to Repeal Affordable Care Act

Jul 12th
Yesterday the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. In spite of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling upholding the constitutionality of the Act, Republicans chose to take a stand against the law proudly referred to by Democrats as “Obama Care” -- law that makes affordable health care accessible to all Americans, eliminates health insurers’ pre-existing condition loophole, preserves coverage for preventive care, and otherwise moves America closer to meeting health care standards of the developed world. ...Read More

If there's any doubt, R.I.'s Gemma wants to make it clear: he supports a woman's right to choose

Jul 5th
Making his strongest pro-choice statement to date, 1st District congressional candidate Anthony Gemma said Thursday that he is committed to defending "a woman's right to choose" and could "never vote for an anti-choice bill." ...Read More

Happy Fourth of July

Jul 4th
From all of us at Team Gemma, I want to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July! ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Applauds Supreme Court Upholding of Affordable Health Care Act;

Cites RI Leadership on Issue as National Model; Will Fight GOP Efforts to Weaken Preventive Programs Pawtucket, RI – Anthony Gemma, Democratic candidate for Congress from Rhode Island’s 1st District, today released the following statement.

Jun 28th
All Rhode Islanders, and indeed all Americans, should enthusiastically welcome today’s Supreme Court ruling that upholds the Affordable Health Care Act. I applaud the court for its courage and vision. ...Read More

Power Player: Congressional Candidate Anthony Gemma

Jun 25th
This week's PowerPlayer is Democratic Congressional candidate Anthony Gemma. Mr. Gemma was kind enough to chat with GoLocalProv about his vision for Rhode Island and the country ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Underscores the Need for Change at the Democratic State Convention

Jun 22nd
Today the Democratic State Committee of Rhode Island decided that the politics of the past, will continue for them. But I know the People Demand Change! -Anthony Gemma's response to the vote by the Democratic State Committee. ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Would Hold, David Cicilline Would Lose RI 1st Congressional Seat for Democrats. According to Roll Call and The Hill Independent Political Analyses

May 21st
PAWTUCKET, RI Two widely respected Washington, D.C.-based political news e-publications Roll Call and The Hill independently have posted cogent analyses of the race between Anthony Gemma and incumbent David Cicilline for the Democratic nomination for Congress from Rhode Island's 1st District. Their conclusions are identical: David Cicilline likely would lose in the General Election to Republican Brendan Doherty. Anthony Gemma likely would defeat Doherty and hold the Rhode Island 1stDistrict for the Democratic Party. ...Read More

Poll: Rep. Cicilline could lose primary

By Cameron Joseph

May 18th
Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) is in serious danger of losing his primary, according to a new poll from WPRI. ...Read More

Poll: David Cicilline Has Tough Primary in Rhode Island

By Abby Livingston

May 17th
Under normal circumstances, the 1st district is solidly Democratic. But based on Cicilline’s troubles, Roll Call rates this race as a Tossup. If he were to lose the primary, Democrats would likely be favored to hold the seat. ...Read More

Anthony Gemma Analyzes Latest WPRI-TV 12 Fleming Poll

May 16th
Anthony Gemma, Democratic candidate for Congress from Rhode Island’s First District, today offered his analysis of the results of the WPRI-TV poll conducted by Fleming Associates and released on May 16. ...Read More

Ch. 12 poll shows Gemma running neck-and-neck with Cicilline in RI-CD1

by Ian Donnis

May 16th
A new Channel 12 poll shows Anthony Gemma in a statistical dead heat with Congressman David Cicilline in the early phase of their Democratic primary fight. Yet 45 percent of respondents say they don't have an opinion of Gemma, meaning that he has a lot of room to either gain or lose support before the September 4 primary. ...Read More

Inside Gemma: Congressional Profile


Apr 27th
Through his business career and quest for the RI First Congressional District seat, Anthony Gemma has cultivated a hard-driving, aggressive persona that has sometimes irked media members and political rivals. ...Read More

The New Idea: Redefining the Role of Congressman for the 21st Century

An Address Delivered by Anthony Gemma

Apr 17th
I am honored to declare my Democratic candidacy for Congress from the First Congressional District of the reinvigorated, renewed, always great state of Rhode Island! ...Read More

Gemma announces candidacy for Congress


Apr 16th
Democrat Anthony Gemma announced his candidacy at Prospect Park in Providence. ...Read More

WPRO 630

Gemma announces for congress, takes jabs at Doherty

Apr 15th
In front of a crowd of 60 people at Prospect Terrace Park inProvidence, Anthony Gemma announced his second bid for congress in the First District. ...Read More

Gemma jumps into race against Cicilline Businessmen seeks rematch, slams Doherty

Apr 15th
Businessman Anthony Gemma formally jumped into the Democratic primary against Congressman David Cicilline on Sunday evening, saying he offers his party its only chance to keep the 1st Congressional District seat in light of the incumbent's dismal poll numbers. ...Read More